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Here are 100 ways you can help us make Serb Fest a Success!

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1.    Sign up to work at a booth

2.    Pass out flyers to your friends, co-workers and neighbors 

3.    Donate cups, plates and/or utensils

4.    Clean the playground

5.    Donate food supplies

6.    Set up basketball court

7.    Assemble/stamp printed flyers

8.    Bake burek with us

9.    Replace the flags on the property

10.  Use the blower to clean the parking lot

11.  Powerwash the grounds

12.  Hang banners around the property

13.  Set up/tear down the tents

14.  String the lights around the tents

15.  Send publicity emails/texts

16.  Make a grocery store run

17.  Post Serb Fest ads on social media

18.  Make a dessert for the bake sale

19.  Donate tablecloths

20.  Share photos from previous Serb Fests

21.  Create a promotional video/TikTok

22.  Set up the tables/chairs under the tents

23.  Put the tablecloths on

24.  Stock the bathroom supplies

25.  Deep clean the kitchen

26.  Set up the cables and power supplies

27.  Prep the grills

28.  Work the entrance booth

29.  Help sort the tickets

30.  Lend authentic Serbian artifacts for exhibit

31.  Set up the food prep and serving stations

32.  Donate gloves and hair nets

33.  Charge the walkie-talkies

34.  Ask you employer to donate
35.  Post event in your company's newsletter

36.  Set up signage

37.  Donate beer

38.  Donate hard liquor

39.  Sponsor a tent

40.  Find businesses to donate to raffle

41.  Advertise our Serb Fest Fundraiser 

42.  Donate supplies for Serb Fest Fundraiser 

43.  Set up the stage for folklore performances

44.  Bring bags of ice

45.  Shop our Amazon Wish List

46.  Donate plastic cups

46.  Donate napkins

47.  Set up the outdoor stage

48.  Buy coffee supplies

49.  Install the flags at entrance gates

50.  Make a food supply run


51.  Distribue flyers and sponsorship forms to local businesses

52.  Donate juice boxes 

53.  Donate paper towels and napkins

54.  Hang the banner flags

55.  Buy paper plates

56.  Set up inside hall

57.  Clean folklore changing rooms

58.  Print raffle tickets

59.  Donate coffee bar supplies 

60.  Find one business sponsor 

61.  Buy the face-painting supplies

62.  Volunteer to face-paint

63.  Donate a pig

64.  Donate a lamb

65.  Buy the cevap meat

66.  Order lepinje

67.  Put up crowd control gates

68.  Pre-sell raffle tickets

69.  Sponsor for a hotel room for band

70.  Sponsor the hotel for Dr. Pravica

71.  Bring sodas

72.  Alert the local media

73.  Sponsor printing charges

74.  Sponsor t-shirts with your logo on them

75.  Trim the flowers/bushes around the property

76.  Pull weeds

77.  Spray paint the parking lanes

78.  Hang menus

79.  Print menus

80.  Sweep up parking lot on Saturday night

81.  Set up on Sunday morning

82.  Pick up a neighbor to join you

83.  Advertise at your school

84.  Purchase to-go containers

85.  Organize games for kids

86.  Sell the meal and drink tickets

87.  Make lemonade for stand

88.  Cover the cost of the event posters

89.  Decorate church for tours

90.  Find vendors (for booths) at local fairs

91.  Make palacinke

92.  Make the cole slaw salad

93.  Make urnabes

94.  Fry tulumbe

95.  Portion out dessert trays

96.  Make the ustipicici 

97.  Grill cevapi

98.  Roast and cut the lambs and pigs

99.  Donate tape and zip ties

100.  Donate cash

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